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Our Programs

Designed to teach students important life skills such as tenacity, self-confidence, humility, and patience the riders also get a strong foundation in the art of riding and horsemanship. Much is gained as riders face the challenge of new riding techniques or collaborating with a willful horse.

Discipline, compassion, self-confidence, and adaptability are just a few of the life lessons learned through our program. Our versatile lessons teach riders to develop enhanced communication skills, a nuanced approach, the appropriate application of pressure and forward thinking that are essential as they learn to partner with their horse. The social, emotional, and character-based lessons are consistent with our Sacred Heart Mission and Goals.

Our riders are knowledgeable and confident equestrians who gain a life-long interest in horses and who value teamwork. 

Our trained and qualified instructors teach mounted and in-hand classes so that the students are well-rounded in their knowledge of horses, horse care, and safety precautions. 

Horseback riding lessons can be taken as part of the academic curriculum or as an after-school or weekend activity. Hunter/Jumper is taught at different levels. Basic Western riding instruction is also available.


Equestrian Center Faculty and Staff

lori muse                                        director

aubrey fait                                    hunter jumper instructor

lori dartez                                          barn manager

DeAnna Henderson                  instructor

Interscholastic Equestrian Association

Our 2021-2022 IEA (Interscholastic Equestrian Association) Team qualified and competed in Regional Finals and Zone Finals this year. Our horses have won Best Horse of the Show at several IEA competitions over the last several years and our IEA Tea has successfully competed at the regional, zonal, and national level. 

Our riders show at various hunter and equitation levels. We have had riders compete at Pony Finals, IEA Nationals, and Junior Hunter Jumper Finals. 


All equestrian students are eligible to compete in every level of competition from local schooling shows up to recognized A-rated shows throughout the region. Our riders have competed all over the United States. We have had several riders qualify and compete at nationally recognized show such as Junior Hunter Finals, Pony Finals, and Interscholastic Equestrian Association National Finals.

The Sacred Heart Equestrian IEA team consists of riders from 4th through 12th grade.  Sacred Heart IEA riders participate in Hunt Seat Equitation classes.

Sacred Heart IEA riders participate in Hunt Seat Equitation classes. A Sacred Heart IEA rider has the opportunity to develop competitive riding skills while building a strong sense of community and accountability with their fellow teammates. IEA riders do not need to own a horse or equipment to participate. Our IEA team is very successful and has competed at the regional, zonal, and national level. Our team of riders is eager to compete and support their teammates. You can visit to learn more about the organization.